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Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to the LUSTRO online sales website referred to (LUSTRO Online / Online Sales), a service provided by LUSTRO. The site is operated by LUSTRO (referred to as us / our / or plural).
As a user of the Website (referred to as You / Customer), you must read and understand the following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions” list).

Once you use the Website for the purpose of a purchase, you are obliged to follow the Terms and Conditions. Please carefully review the list of terms and conditions before you start using eServices. In the event that you do not agree (or cannot comply) with any law or condition from the list, we advise you not to use the e-services provided by LUSTRO.

Item 1: Terms of Use:
The use of the Website Services is only available to persons who are able to represent themselves legally under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. People who are unable to represent themselves legally under the local contract system cannot use the website services.
If you are a minor (for example, you are under 18 years of age), you may use the Website Services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian provided that you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. The user will be responsible for using the services of the site from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in full compliance with the local laws of that region.
These Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be valid and invalid for prior forms of commercial representation, oral agreements or other understandings unless additional conditions are specified for a particular product or service.
By using the Website Services you are obliged to follow the terms and conditions.

Item 2: Email Security Protection
You may not violate or attempt to violate the security protection of the Website, including but not limited to:

  • Access information that is not intended for you, or access the Internet server or an account that you are not authorized to use officially.
  • Attempt to explore, examine or test the ability of the system or network or attempt to breach the security system or security levels without being authorized by the management of LUSTRO
  • Attempt to interfere with or interfere with the service provided to any other user, host, network or host, including but not limited to posting and sending viruses to the website, or overloading the site or sending serial messages or spam or any other means that may compromise the integrity of the network.
  • Send spam including commercial offers and / or advertisements for products or services.
  • Simulation for the purpose of falsifying an IP address, email address or any part of the website address and using it in any email or mailing group. Violations harmful to the system or network security will result in civil and criminal sanctions in most cases.

You agree not to use system resources such as hardware, software, or other means to interfere with or interfere with or attempt to interfere with the workflow of the Website or any activity or service provided by the Site. The website will investigate activities that may involve such violations and will cooperate with the police and the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and apply the necessary punishment to persons involved in such violations, both during and after damaging the site.

Item 3: Privacy Policy:
We are aware of our responsibility to protect your personal information and take this very seriously. We believe that your personal information is one of our most important resources. We store the processing of your personal information through our servers and are protected by high-security hardware and software. We also use a third party to verify and endorse the privacy principles of our website including services. If you object to our system of processing your personal information by transfer or use by any means, please contact us to speak with the person in charge, or you may avoid using the Website Services.
We do not trade your personal information by any means whatsoever from the sale or rental to any third party without your express consent in the first place.

Item 4: Registration – My Personal Account:
The registration process includes the information (your personal information) you provide to us to complete your transactions and also to contact you. You must accept and update the principle of our use of your personal information in order to handle the registration process and to control the confidentiality of your identity during the follow-up process to submit your order and pay electronically.
The information you provide during the registration process is protected according to the privacy terms described above. Your personal information forms part of your own record of your dealings with our services. If you use our website, you will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account and password as well as denying access to your personal computer/computer.
The Website shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage that may arise due to your failure to protect your password or any other information related to your personal account. If you suspect suspicious transactions in your personal account, please notify us by contacting us immediately by any means.

Item 5: Electronic Communication
By agreeing to use the Website and our online services, you agree to receive our emails in all their forms through e-mail, periodicals, notices, and alerts posted on the Website. You hereby agree that all electronic transactions sent to you by us are legally binding and treated as written transactions.
We have the right to monitor, record and store any phone call, e-mail or any other form of electronic communication with you for training purposes in order to verify the advice and observations directed at us and to improve and improve the quality of service provided to our customers.

Item 6: Shopping Cart:
We reserve the right to limit the number of items selected per person, per household or per order in the Shopping Cart.
The order identification system applies to items ordered from the same account or credit card as well as orders using the same shipping or billing address.

Item 7: Product Details, Inventory, and Prices
In our constant endeavor to provide accurate and comprehensive information about our products (such as product availability, prices, product specifications, illustrations, and technical characteristics) and to provide comprehensive information on services, we may encounter some typographical errors.
The maximum color accuracy of the display of products on the website is strictly observed, but what you see on the website depends mainly on your monitor settings and this is beyond our jurisdiction as we cannot be certain of the color settings on your screen.
The publication of details of products or services (including but not limited to: marketing brochures, advertisements, commercial offers, magazine offers and small publications) on the Website is not a guarantee of the availability of products, offers or prices.
Some errors may occur during the process of providing the product or service and providing detailed price information on the website. The website cannot provide you with the prices of the products individually or know the total cost of the product or service until you submit your entire online application. In the event that an invoice for a product or service is requested and the price is incorrect or the information is incorrect due to an error in the registration of the correct price or information of products or services, the website in this case can either contact you to clarify this error and how to deal with it or cancel your order and notify you of this Cancellation. If your order is accepted and processed electronically, we strive to provide you with the best prices on the website. Product availability and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Item 8: Shipping, Delivery, and Receipt
We look forward to serving you in accordance with your expectations in providing this service, so we hope to provide us with a clear address to ensure quick delivery. The address should include the building number, villa or apartment number in addition to the street name, city and postal code. Before placing your order, you must carefully check the product specifications and agree to abide by the terms of sale described in the “Shopping Cart” and “Product Details, Inventory and Price” sections.
The “home delivery” service is “door to door” service in most cases, but we apologize for not applying this service in some cases due to limited delivery company or due to some local laws. In agreement with (Delivery Company) – our delivery partners – we reserve the right not to deliver the order to a person under 18 years upon delivery of the product.
Shipping charges for home delivery are calculated according to the selected shipping plan plus the weight and / or size and dimensions of the product to be delivered. In case of failure to deliver the request and it is the result of an error by you (including but not limited to – typing the wrong address, typing an incorrect name) in which case additional charges will apply to you to resend the request.

Item 9: Payment and Payment
The website offers the possibility to purchase products or services through the website (online) and pay the required amount online according to the shipping and delivery service available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
For online payments: We accept payments by MADA for payments, credit cards (Visa or MasterCard only)
In case of online payment, the customer will receive a notification on the screen as soon as payment is accepted. We accept no responsibility if payment is declined or canceled by your credit card service provider for any reason. You should check with your credit card bank for the reason for the decline.
We do not store your credit card information on the website. All information and details you enter through the payment gateway are encrypted for security purposes, and correspondence from and to the service provider’s website is also encrypted.
We do not provide any payment information made through the Site to other companies or individual entities unless requested by an official legal entity. This information is processed by our payment warden.
You must make sure that the information on your credit card that you use to pay for e-services is correct, valid and accurate, and you must use your credit card. Your personal information will not be used or shared by the eServices with any third party, with the exception of verifying the legitimacy of the information and not falsifying it or when requested by law or Shariah regulations or at the request of the court. The online service will not be liable in any way for credit card fraud. You will be held fully responsible for the use of counterfeit credit cards and will be fully responsible for proving otherwise.
If we are unable to provide the application or part of it, we will notify you directly. All or part of the amount paid by the credit card you used to pay the order amount will be returned.
Your use of the online payment service on our website is an implied consent to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not use this service.

Item 10: Cancellation of the Application
Cancellation of the application by (the website of LUSTRO) reserves the right to cancel the order for any of the following reasons:

  • Reject / not accept payment
  • If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or the contact information is wrong or the customer is unable to reach.
  • The customer has been delayed for more than 7 days to receive his order paid online.
  • Customer Order Cancellation: To proceed with the order cancellation process, you must contact us first. You can cancel your order for any of the following reasons:
  • If the order is not delivered or shipped to you. In case of cancellation after shipping or sending the order, you will be charged a cancellation fee. We reserve the right to match the time your order was shipped with the time you submitted your cancellation request.
  • We cannot provide/deliver the requested product/service within a reasonable period of time (60 working days) from the day of order confirmation.

Item 11: Return, Exchange and Refund of Payments:
If the product is defective, you may request within one (1) day of receipt of the product to request a “Refund / Product Request” to return the product to LUSTRO.
You must contact us to fill out the Refund Request form before proceeding with the refund. The refund request form is valid for 3 days from the date of issue.
If the product is returned due to a malfunction of the product, a defect from the manufacturer, damage caused during the delivery of the product or due to incorrect/wrong product delivery, no additional service charge will be charged. In case of return for other reasons, a shipping charge will be charged to the customer.
When preparing to return the product, the product must be in its original condition with complete accessories and certificates attached. We do not accept returns of products containing scratches or have been damaged by misuse or malfunction caused by the use of a non-conforming volt. We have the right to agree to accept returns of products that do not meet the above criteria.

Item 12: Warranty, Maintenance, and Repair
The products sold by us are guaranteed by our factory lifetime warranty
All products sold in our showrooms have passed quality checks and are ready for use when shipped. If there is any problem with the product after (1) day of your receipt of the product, we recommend that you contact us directly.

Item 13 Amendment to the List of Terms and Conditions:
LUSTRO reserves the right at any time to modify the terms and conditions of the Website without prior notice or notice. You can access the latest version of the Terms and Conditions at any time on the website. If you do not accept the amendments to the Terms and Conditions, you must stop using this service. If you continue to use this service, you agree to be bound by the revised terms and conditions of use of this website.

Item 14: Recognition of the provisions of the Convention:
Subject to the approval of this Agreement, this is in recognition of its validity, enforcement of its content and compliance with its provisions; it is also subject to the electronic commerce system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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