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Gift Card FAQ

In case my purchase costs more than the value of the Gift Card, what shall I do?

You will have to pay the remainder of the cost.

Can I reload the Gift Cards?

You can reload the Physical Gift Cards at LUSTRO stores, but eGift Cards cannot be reloaded.

How can I know the balance on my Gift Card?

You can check the balance by calling our store at 0115202490

My eGift Card doesn’t work during checkout?

Please, get in touch with us at 920033922 or Email us: [email protected]

Do Gift Cards expire?

Gift cards expire one year after the delivery date.

Are Gift Cards redeemable for cash?

No, they aren’t redeemable for cash.

How much can I put on a Gift Card?

The minimum value of a single card is 500 SR.

How do I receive The Physical Card?

From LUSTRO main branch Tahlia Street or Kingdoom Mall Branch

How do I receive The eGift Card?

By SMS text or Email address.

What is the difference between a Physical Card and an E-Gift Card?

Physical Cards can only be redeemed in store, while E-Gift Cards can only be exchanged for products online.

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